As per other Gods’s wish, Parvathy took an oath that she must win the heart of Lord Shiva and marry Him.So she also, started meditating Lord Shiva, himself, in her mind,so deeply,concentrating  only on Him, and chanting His names,without bothering about food, water and even sleep, rain, thunder,hot summer, or winter.Like this day and night, she continued her meditation for many months. Lord shiva, came to know  about Parvathy’s intentionand deep love towards Him,, ,and wanted to test Her, by disguising Himself in the form of an old man,and describing , His nature ,and form,  by telling just opposite  of what He was . That shiva lives in Grave yard and applying his whole body with ashes wearing deer’s skin on His body,,and without home of His own, , wandering every where. He asked her, why she should waste her  youth fullness,energy and her beauty by simply putting herself into trouble ,and making her parents, unhappy by her attitude.But Parvathy,  couldn’t bear the harsh words, about Her lord,she began to throw,lots of  mud on Him.,To her surprise all the things thrown to that old man , changed  to beautiful flowers and started falling at the feet of Lord. Parvathy, came toHer senses and began  feel  that the Oldman was none other than Lord Shiva, Himself. Lord Shiva, changed Himself to His original form smilingly took Her hand .into his.hand. All the Gods and Goddesses were very happy  to see this union,and The marriage of Lord Shiva and Parvathy, was conducted in a very grand the presence of Lord Vishnu, Lord of the whole Universe,Brahma, Lord of Creation of the people of the world, and Parvathy’s parents.[Story continues.]

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Goddess parvathy, daughter of Himavan, the king of Mountain ranges of Himalaya which is in the north east part of India,became the  wife of Lord Shiva who lives in Mount Kailash,a part of the mountain range. How she married Lord Shiva and became the mother of  Ganesha,the lord who removes the obstacles that come in the paths of progress of people of the world.

The story goes like this;Lord shiva used to be in the deep meditation on the top of Kailash mountain for the sake of doing good to the people of this world He kept the secrets of KNOWLEDGE AND ENERGY,within himself. So all the Gods wanted those secrets  for, they also wanted to do good for the world. If shiva kept all the secrets within Himself,and went on meditating like this without making use of them, How can the world know about this. so they desided to get them through SHAKTHI or the Power.This shakthi, invoked by them, appeared before them as a Kundalini, a coiled serpent, which lies on the back ofthe life force to them.[Continued in next episode]

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